Monday, 9 April 2012

Hawaii Vacation - Day 3 in Review

Day 3 of the Hawaiian Vacation commenced by a trip to the factory outlets known as Waikele Premium Outlets.
Every year that I have come to Hawaii, I have managed to pick up a Calvin Klein suit quite cheaply. 
This trip was no exception - $280
After a couple of hours meandering through the stores (Saks, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Vans, etc), and $1000 later, time to head back down the Nimitz Highway back to Waikiki.

Had lunch at CJ's New York Delicatessen. Beef Brisket Sandwich with Macaroni Salad and a Budweiser. Very tasty indeed!

Moseyed on down to the beach for a swim. There was a lot of white excess flesh being exposed down there. Fairly nasty site to behold. After 40 minutes of this, I returned to my room where I applied my "mind bleach" to try erase some of the things I had just seen.

An hour later headed up to the Tapa bar for a a quenching ale or 2. Take it or leave it type of place. Nothing endearing really.

Now, time for dinner!
I am not a fan of "theme based" restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Dracula's etc, but I have been to Bubba Gumps Steak & Seafood Restaurant previously and found it ok.
I was really in the mood for a nice steak, which, in the past, I have had here.
Was shown to a table and out come my server. His name was Avocado! I kid you not!!!
This guy was intense and over the top. I am not one of these type, so I was feeling a little uncomfortable from the get-go.
I went against my better judgement and didn't get the steak. I got the Mahi Mahi. I wish I had ordered the steak... :(
I left as soon as I could digest the fish, and made a B-Line to the taxi rank to whisk me pronto.

In a nutshell:
1 bad meal
1 good meal
Couple of Beers

Day over

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