Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hawaii Vacation - Day 4 in Review

Day 4 of the vacation was a fairly quiet day in comparison to the other 3, which involved a lot of walking.

Headed down to the pool for a swim. The weather has not been overly great since being here, but at least the rain held out for 2 hours and the sun shone through.

Back to the room for a quick shower, checked my emails and out for some lunch.

Decided to eat at Lulus Bar and Grill which is at the Southern end of Waikiki.
Have eaten here previously and found the food good, the beers cold, and the view over the Pacific Ocean isn't bad either.
The service was average today, but it did appear that they were short staffed, and they were most apologetic.
Ordered the Lava burger and as the name would suggest, was meant to be hot.
The waiter came back and proceeded to give me the fish tacos...sigh...
After it was returned, a 10 minute wait endured to get the Lava burger.
The burger arrived and I have to say, was a very tasty burger but not spicy (not to my level anyway).
Paid the check and then split.

As sure as sh*t, it commenced raining again.
Due to the precipitation, I headed back to the hotel for a much rewarded beer on the lanai.

Night rolled around very quickly, and I have craved for a week now, a Seafood Noodle Soup.
Headed down to the International Market Place for a bowl of the salty treat.
It was delicious and cost the princely sum of $8.50

By this time I was exhausted from doing nothing all day, so a return to the room for a glass of red and watch some TV was in order.

Day end.

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