Thursday, 15 November 2012

Equities Trading

I have made the decision to commence Shares Trading.

Its a little late in the game (not really), but better late than never..

Ironic that I have worked within the industry for years, but never had the inclination..our money lay in other assets..

I have 30 years till retirement and it will give me another passive interest/hobby and diversification to immerse myself in.

I have chosen my online broker, have set up a CMA, some funds have been deposited to trade...

Being realistic and from what I have learnt over the years, a net return of 11% to 15% with fully franked dividends in the first year is very achievable...

Here goes....

Monday, 5 November 2012

Android to iPhone switch

So, after countless years since last having an iPhone (3GS), I have relented and gone back to the iPhone 4S from my Android powered HTC.

This was a decision that wasn't taken lightly as I am sure most of you would know. 

The reason.....after 3 Android devices in 3 years, I was fed up with them failing (literally) to do some of the most easy & inane tasks such as receiving emails, syncing the calender, Facebook not loading, Twitter not loading, not receiving calls, not receiving sms, receiving a missed call notification 3 days later, etc etc etc.

I tried in vain to be patient but I just need a device that works. I'm banking on the iPhone 4S to see me through, after positive feedback by nearly everyone I have spoken to...

Stay tuned for a further update in a couple of weeks

Harley X

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ooohh, I have a new pet hate....

So, every now & then I try allow myself to have a lunch break, even if its for just 15 minutes to get something to eat & read some crap newspaper online. 

I know this is an unfamiliar and foreign concept to many, but damn I think I'm entitled to it.

So, like most business days I have encountered now, I have left the building to get some lunch, returned, opened my lunch, commenced eating, have read the first paragraph of what ever article I'm reading, and I have someone who has approached me with this opening line:

"Oh Hi Harley X, are you eating lunch"?

At this stage I turn to them & give them the look as if to say "Oh, we have another candidate for MENSA here"!

Trying not to be too unapproachable or too sarcastic, I respond with my usual "you got it".

Instead of that person getting the hint & using some manners and leaving me to my lunch, they commence with their line of questioning as if to say, tough sh*t about your break, I'm more important.

At this stage I return to my screen and shoo them away like a garden variety serial pest...

Some people are clueless...

Monday, 22 October 2012

2014 Diversity Visa Lottery

Well, tonight I entered the 2014 Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card) for the USA.
I think this will be my final chance at getting to the U.S to live and work.
In 2008 we were successful, but the GFC got in the way and ended up staying put in Australia.
From May 1 2013 I will be able to check the status of our entry to see if we were successful.

Fingers crossed while rubbing a rabbit's foot...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Taylors Mistake Handski

I purchased the Taylors Mistake Handski back in the day (circa 1988).
It was one of the only Hand Planes commercially found in Australia at the time.

After a week long stint the beach, I reignited the excitement to get back out & start bodysurfing now that its coming into warmer weather.

I hadn't used the Taylors Mistake in many years & I wasn't sure whether I still had it in my possession.
I know that I didn't have it at my house, but I am fairly certain it would be at my folks house, as my father throws nothing out...

I made the call this morning:

Harley X: "Dad, do you remember that Handski I used to own for bodysurfing"
Father: "Yep, & I know exactly where it is and I can drop it over to your place today"
Harley X: "F*CKING AWESOME"!!!!!!!!

Not only am I receiving back a piece of history, I now no longer need to shell out huge wads of cash for a new handplane when I have the original & best...

Happy Friday everyone!!

Harley X

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Post Vacation Blues

Well, its 2nd day back from a weeks vacation, & I have to say, I am not that pleased to be back.
My motivation is less than zero, and I'm already looking for excuses to have a long lunch & plan another holiday.

I thought a week off would motivate me, recharge my batteries, & seek to make improvements & streamline processes within the company, but I think its done the complete opposite.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way, so maybe I just need to kick myself up the ar$e and get on with it!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New York City - September 11

September 11 every year is very sad for so many. 
It makes you realise that life itself can be taken away at a moments notice, so enjoy it and embrace it while you have it.

Courtesy of Ground Zero Museum

Monday, 10 September 2012

New York City - September - #5

On the eve of September 11, please spare a thought for the thousands of lives that were affected directly or indirectly, by terrorism.

A clock pulled from the rubble of the South Tower which collapsed at 9.58am on September 11, 2001

Courtesy of Ground Zero Museuum

Friday, 7 September 2012

New York City - September - #4

Amazing: As the caption on the picture notes, 2 beams fell from the 67th floor of the WTC and landed upright in the shape of a cross.