Monday, 5 November 2012

Android to iPhone switch

So, after countless years since last having an iPhone (3GS), I have relented and gone back to the iPhone 4S from my Android powered HTC.

This was a decision that wasn't taken lightly as I am sure most of you would know. 

The reason.....after 3 Android devices in 3 years, I was fed up with them failing (literally) to do some of the most easy & inane tasks such as receiving emails, syncing the calender, Facebook not loading, Twitter not loading, not receiving calls, not receiving sms, receiving a missed call notification 3 days later, etc etc etc.

I tried in vain to be patient but I just need a device that works. I'm banking on the iPhone 4S to see me through, after positive feedback by nearly everyone I have spoken to...

Stay tuned for a further update in a couple of weeks

Harley X

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