Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ooohh, I have a new pet hate....

So, every now & then I try allow myself to have a lunch break, even if its for just 15 minutes to get something to eat & read some crap newspaper online. 

I know this is an unfamiliar and foreign concept to many, but damn I think I'm entitled to it.

So, like most business days I have encountered now, I have left the building to get some lunch, returned, opened my lunch, commenced eating, have read the first paragraph of what ever article I'm reading, and I have someone who has approached me with this opening line:

"Oh Hi Harley X, are you eating lunch"?

At this stage I turn to them & give them the look as if to say "Oh, we have another candidate for MENSA here"!

Trying not to be too unapproachable or too sarcastic, I respond with my usual "you got it".

Instead of that person getting the hint & using some manners and leaving me to my lunch, they commence with their line of questioning as if to say, tough sh*t about your break, I'm more important.

At this stage I return to my screen and shoo them away like a garden variety serial pest...

Some people are clueless...

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