Friday, 12 October 2012

Taylors Mistake Handski

I purchased the Taylors Mistake Handski back in the day (circa 1988).
It was one of the only Hand Planes commercially found in Australia at the time.

After a week long stint the beach, I reignited the excitement to get back out & start bodysurfing now that its coming into warmer weather.

I hadn't used the Taylors Mistake in many years & I wasn't sure whether I still had it in my possession.
I know that I didn't have it at my house, but I am fairly certain it would be at my folks house, as my father throws nothing out...

I made the call this morning:

Harley X: "Dad, do you remember that Handski I used to own for bodysurfing"
Father: "Yep, & I know exactly where it is and I can drop it over to your place today"
Harley X: "F*CKING AWESOME"!!!!!!!!

Not only am I receiving back a piece of history, I now no longer need to shell out huge wads of cash for a new handplane when I have the original & best...

Happy Friday everyone!!

Harley X

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