Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hawaii Vacation - Day 2 in Review

It was 7.30 and I could barely bench press the doona off myself, but I was determined to go for a run.

What better backdrop to go for a run is Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. The first 500 metres were a little tough acclimatising to the heat and a slight case of jet lag, but I started to get some momentum together and pass other runners.
I thought it be in my best interest to turn back and not overdo it on my first day, so a healthy 5km run in a fairly good time was chalked up against Harley X.

Time for some shopping. 
I'm not a "shopper" by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like the bargains when coming to the U.S
For example, a pair of Levi Jeans in the U.S retail for $20 something dollars. Australia sells the same pair for $120.
Went to Ala Moana shopping centre which is the largest retail outlet/mall on the Island.
After a couple of hours of getting pretty much every item of clothing required for the next year, I thought it in the best interest of my bank balance, to retire to the confines of the resort.

To stay in touch with friends, family, posse, FB friends, etc, I thought I best hook up to the Hiltons' Internet access.
A 5 day pass costs $65 USD, which in itself is outrageous, but it beats waiting for a computer in the Hilton Business Centre while some 10 year old spends his day consumed playing Angry Birds...
After finally getting online and checking emails, FB & Twitter, I thought I should just give it away for the day

More beer on the balcony followed by a Mikes Hard Lemonade. This stuff rocks! It's basically alcoholic lemonade & is very easy, no, too easy to drink in copious amounts.

As it was Friday Night, the Hilton Hawaiian Village provides fireworks at 8pm.
They did not disappoint and got some great photos from it

Retired to the room without any dinner (because I am so Rock Star), downed 2 glasses of red wine, and slipped into a coma almost immediately.

Lets see what tomorrow has in store...

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