Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hawaii Vacation - Day 1 in Review

Day 1 of the vacation starts off positively with the plane leaving on time & arriving early. Thanks Hawaiian Airlines!

From the time we landed at Honolulu International Airport, exited the plane, went through Customs, got our luggage, it was 50 minutes. Thanks again Hawaiian Airlines!!!

Checked in at the Hilton Hawaiian Resort in Waikiki. Got a a great room in a great resort in a great location, considering the trip was only booked 4 days earlier due to the Fiji trip being cancelled due to cyclone activity.

The first thing to do was go fill up the bar fridge with Beer, Wine & Sodas. 
If you have been to Hawaii before, you will know that there is an ABC Store every 100 metres.
Got the standard supplies and successfully applied them to the said bar fridge.

Headed down to the "Super Pool" for a swim. Great pool but was a little crowded with kids, but who cares, I'm on vacation!

After 90 minutes of frolicking in the water, a walk down the main drag of Waikiki was in order to see whats changed since the last time I was here, which incidentally was 2010. The same shops still appear to be here but have just moved around in different locations.

Attention span was lacking after being up for almost 24 hours with a sleep period of only 3 hours, so back to the hotel for a beer on the lanai (balcony) and some relaxation for a couple of hours.

Roll on 7.30 and I'm starving. The old faithful CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) will do the trick.
Gorged on Steamed Dumplings 2 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon and a Peking Duck pizza. One word can only describe that meal. AWESOME!

Wandered back to the hotel, and within 10 minutes, I fell into the deepest sleep I think have ever had.

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