Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Grass is always Greener...

This Friday, we are fare-welling a colleague.

"T" is heading back to Seattle after 2 stints out in Australia over a 2 year period.

At a farewell lunch today we were talking about what she has enjoyed, what her most memorable moments were, what she missed out on this trip, etc etc..

"T" was saying how terribly sad she will be leaving here on Friday & heading back to Seattle to resume her life. She very much doubts she will be returning to Australia due to Visa restrictions.

She said that Australia was the best country she has ever visited and like so many others before her, would give anything to live here permanently.

As I have been to the U.S on many occasions over the last 18 years, I was thinking the same thing about the U.S, and the opportunity to relocate there permanently (and legally) in 2008.

In the eyes of many, I guess I'm very lucky...

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