Thursday, 8 March 2012

Choice - iPad, Xoom or something else??


Being converted from a PC to a MAC evolved over a number of years.

The catalyst for the switch was when it was taking forever to boot up, close down & having to pay another Annual Norton Antivirus subscription.
I have never looked back.
My Macbook is awesome.
The only downside to it, is that its bigger & heavier than a tablet, & sometimes it is far more convenient to do "non work related functions" such as surfing the net, listening to some music & watching a movie with something lighter and transportable.

Enter the tablet debate.

With the release of the New iPad today, I got to thinking, if I was to purchase a tablet, would it be an iPad, Motorola Xoom, or something else?

I love the ease of a Mac, its interface, its seamless integration with my iPod, & it just works, but I dont like the iPhone. I sold mine to a friend & went Android. Still with Androis OS today & will probably continue down that path.

I love the ease of Android system on my phone, its integration with my Gmail, supporting Open Source collaboration, and the ease of which personalisation & highly customisable functions are obtained.

So, I have narrowed it down to a couple to select from:

1. iPad (new one unveiled today 08/03/2012)
2. iPad 2 (has now been price discounted)
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
4. Motorola Xoom

The pros and cons are now being played out: Connectivity, Number of Applications available, Price, Weight, Customisable, Processor Speed, Battery Life, Best Experience watching a Movie, Best Experience Listening to Music, & transporting to and from work in my satchel (weight, width, size).

Time to read some reviews & check them out in the stores...

Stay tuned...

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