Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Who Would you Choose to Permanently Relocate?

Picture this. 

You have been granted the ability to move 10 people to the wastelands of Siberia, never to be seen or heard of again. You have 30 minutes to decide.

Who do you choose?

Here's my 10.

1. Julia Gillard - Australia's worst Prime Minister
2. Anthony Mundine - Loudmouth Obnoxious Overrated "sportsman"
3. Steve Ballmer - Microsoft CEO
4. Denis Ferguson - Notorious Pedophile still walking the streets of Sydney
5. Stephen Brett - A "deadsh*t" I had the misfortune of working for.
6. Ian Wright - Insipid little Pommie nonce that frequents TLC on Foxtel weekly
7. Matt Preston - A Fat Talentless Food Critic that wears cravats and thinks he's the sh*t
8. Gerry Harvey - Retailer ripping Australians off for decades and cries poor mouth when the public revert to online shopping from overseas
9. Gail Kelly - CEO of Westpac who finds great pleasure in doing regular Australians out of jobs
10. Keysar Trad - Muslim Extremist posing as spokesman for the Australian Muslim Community

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