Friday, 16 March 2012

Australian Swimmers & "comebacks"

I have come to the conclusion that if you want to become an Elite Australian Swimmer, you need make a plan to retire and then make a comeback.

It appears that its part of the genetic makeup of Australian swimmers.

Geoff Huegill, Michael Klim, Ian Thorpe, Giaan Rooney & most recently, Libby Trickett have all followed this philosophy..

I like to call it the the "John Farnham Principle - JFP"

Here how it works:

1. Announce to the world you are retiring
2. Sponsors, TV staions, Radio stations, Retailers, Mobile Phone suppliers, & Car Dealerships will be keen to get on the wagon to promote you, & get the extra mileage from the retirement decision.
3. Accept all the extra funds and thank the wider community for the support over the years
4. Take the compulsory 12 month break
5. Announce to the world you are making a comeback
6. Step 2 reoccurs but replace "Retirement" with "Comeback"
7. Step 3 occurs again

John Farnham set the precedent in 2002 when he "retired". He has since made a comeback every year....

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