Friday, 24 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2

I really do like my Samsumg Galaxy S2 phone except for the following exceptions:

1. When you turn it on, not all the Applications saved to the SD Card appear on the page. They are greyed out. When you tap the icon, a message is displayed stating that the Application is not installed on the phone. The workaround for this is to turn it off & back on again which is frustrating because another app will be greyed out when you turn it back on.

2. I have found that the slightest bump can force the SD Card to be dislodged & all applications are not active. You need to turn the phone off, open the back & readjust the SD Card. Annoying!

3. Why does it take nearly 5 hours to charge from 20% battery life?

4. There is a gremlin in my phone which keeps readjusting the brightness on the display. This is intermittent.

5. My phone turns itself off at random intervals. You dont realise its off until you go to make a call or check an application which could of been off for a few hours.

6. The price of the phone (outright) cant be justified when compared to a HTC Desire HD which has virtually the same usability, content, & features but is half the cost. It was my previous phone. It had some minor issues, but not to the extent that I'm experiencing with the Samsung..

I will however remain with an Android phone....

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